“Click here to lose weight!” “Drop us a private message and we’ll send you our super-duper!” “Call this number and you will be on your way to greatness!” “Join our group and you will have the secret sauce HOW to grow more sales!” You see those types of advertising messages everywhere it seems these days. Sometimes it’s the person that has the catchiest introduction line that wins you over. It may be that it’s 3:00 A.M. and you are scrolling Facebook because you can’t sleep. You’re weak, frustrated and fatigued!

I have to admit I have been there on more than one occasion. I sit, drumming fingers on desk, staring blankly at the screen thinking, that if I join, sign up or subscribe to some random offer provided by an Internet guru my problem will be solved. Sadly, I have signed up and the problem wasn’t solved. I had a new problem! HOW could I have just signed up for a program I won’t read or implement because it is too difficult to use? I don’t have the time or gumption to read through the instructions that seem to ramble on forever. My frustration was higher and my checkbook balance lower!

Sound familiar? If I really am honest with myself, I have always achieved the goal, started the project, completed the task or changed course when my own burning desire bubbled up to a roaring boil. What does that have to do with unlocking potential? Everything!

I don’t think you can teach desire. It has to come from within. You realize and unlock your potential because your desire trumps your fear or apprehension of getting started. It’s the starting point that stops most of us. When I look at HOW I have unlocked my own potential, it has been with a pen, paper, quiet space and a clear head. I start writing what I really want. I look for the idea that jumps off the page at me. I find the key by focusing on the important issue and not ten lesser ideas helps me to channel the desire to succeed. My confidence grows and I seek out those people that can actually help me. My desire comes out in enthusiasm and everyone is drawn to confidence and enthusiasm. It becomes a wave that is unstoppable. What do you desire? When you flush that out the HOW to get it becomes clearer.