Kelly’s impressive career trajectory began with humble beginnings and limited business knowledge, but she quickly proved herself by becoming the top producer in her first sales job in less than six months.

This success continued throughout her career, leading her to establish Kelly Enterprises International, a thriving business entity of her own.

As a dynamic speaker, entrepreneur, and international businesswoman, Kelly is recognized as an expert in leveraging networks to achieve growth.

She has a well-earned reputation as the “Queen of Connections,” having spoken on diverse stages worldwide and advised numerous individuals and organizations on the power of meaningful connections and collaboration.

Her philanthropic efforts are equally notable.

As Mrs. Minnesota in 2001, Kelly used her skills to raise over $3 million for various charities. She also founded The Cancer Benefit Fund, which raised more than $1 million. In addition to her speaking and charitable work, Kelly has authored two books: “Volunteer for Life – Achieving Your Personal and Professional Goals” and “One Great Idea Can Revolutionize Your Business!” 

In 2004, she partnered with an international company in consumer goods. She’s built a loyal customer base across three countries that has had consistent growth for nearly two decades.

Kelly is married to John, a renowned chef from Ireland, and they have two children. They first met on a cruise ship, which they fondly refer to as their “Love Boat Adventure.” Although she is a  global traveler, (42 countries and 3 languages later) Kelly calls Minnesota home.

“You can’t be great in front of the room

if you have become an expert at being in the back of it”

Kelly Jahner-Byrne


The HOW Show™

Have you ever wondered HOW do you produce a PODCAST? HOW do you write a bestselling book? HOW do you really land a million dollar deal? HOW do you become a Tedx speaker? HOW does one go from racing cars to running a restaurant? HOW do you become a media darling? HOW do you best brand yourself and/or your business? The answers to these and a zillion other HOW questions you may have (or may not have) thought of are answered by Kelly and her special guests on The HOW Show.

Why listen, you ask? Well, this podcast will provide you access to some really cool people and topics that answer the HOW to and maybe even the why! HOW they opened up a business, HOW they evolved despite difficult circumstances, HOW they leveraged their strengths, HOW they are living their best life…a proverbial WHO’s WHO of HOW.

Kelly will share insights, life stories and nuggets of HOW wisdom for a whole host of topics. Bring your notebook (old fashioned or your chosen media device) as you will want to jot down what you hear so you can put some know HOW into your own life and career.


Kelly Jahner-Byrne is a savvy speaker extraordinaire! She knows that everyone has untapped potential, and she has a knack for bringing it out in people. With her wealth of experience as a corporate leader, entrepreneur, and author, Kelly brings depth and credibility to her presentations. But don’t worry, she’s not all business – her winning combo of warmth, humor, originality, and believability makes her messages resonate in a real and relatable way.

Kelly has rocked the stage for over 100 organizations and companies, from Cargill to the American Cancer Society to the NAACP. She’s spoken at law firms, Chamber of Commerce groups, Keller Williams Realty, and even for major non-profit organizations. With her ability to command a room, you can be sure that Kelly will keep your audience engaged and inspired.

So if you’re looking for someone to bring enormous insight and energy to your stage, look no further than Kelly Jahner-Byrne. CLICK HERE to Connect with Kelly and Learn More! 


“Kelly is a dynamic business woman who knows how to "shape you up" with her business savvy. She has high energy, gets high results and cares about the success of your business. I HIGHLY recommend her for keynote speaking engagements and business consulting.”

- Jena Rodriguez Brand
Business & Brave Strategist | Speaker | Podcast Host | Author at Brave Masters, Inc.


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