Life invites us to be stronger and wiser through our experiences. Not everyone accepts this invitation. Kelly Jahner-Byrne desires to share what she has learned in her journey to give others the tools to live abundantly.

It is Kelly’s mission to mentor others on HOW to be fully present in their lives and vulnerable in order to grow both personally and professionally. Her uncanny ability to notice people’s own blind spots allows her to assist them in fulfilling their vision and dreams and be the very best version of themselves.


From meager beginnings, with zero connections and with very limited business acumen, Kelly excelled at her first sales job and ended up as its #1 producer in less than 6 months. Achieving the top spot in every organization she has been employed eventually pointed her and her internal compass in the direction of forming her own business entity, Kelly Enterprises International.

Kelly is a dynamic speaker, entrepreneur, and international businesswoman who is a recognized expert on leveraging your network to grow your business. Loverage…love your customers is her motto. She is known for inspiring women and men across the country to be their best selves and up-level their lives and is a thought leader in explaining the HOW of getting your business moving forward faster. As the CEO of Kelly Enterprises International, she is a collaborative influencer with a “let’s work together” attitude.

Her speaking career has landed her on diverse and varied stages around the globe. Many have come to know her as “the Queen of Connections” and consequently she has been hired to help individuals and organizations leverage their connections for extreme growth. Kelly has acquired and implemented myriad business skills and solutions for herself and now promotes and shares that plethora of her HOW with others.

Kelly is a Leveraged Networker with a following and golden contact list. She coined the term “Loverage your Contacts” by creating meaningful connections through conversation and mutual collaboration.

Crowned Mrs. Minnesota in 2001, Kelly utilized her skills to raise more than $1 million for charities. She is the Founder of The Cancer Benefit Fund and served as their Chair from 1998 through 2005. Her inspiration to start the organization stemmed from the passing of her father’s best friend after a second battle with cancer. Her spirit was rekindled to rejoin the board actively in support and honor of her mother’s successful and ongoing battle with breast cancer.

She is the author of Volunteer for Life – Achieving Your Personal and Professional Goals and One Great Idea Can Revolutionize Your Business! She has worked in international sales and marketing establishing double-digit growth. She has created a customer following that spans over 14 years, 3 countries and thousands of customers with her consumer goods company.

Kelly and her husband, John, a renowned chef, met on a cruise ship or as they call it, “Their Love Boat Adventure” and together they have two children. They live in Minnesota.

“You can’t be great in front of the room

if you have become and expert at being in the back of it”

Kelly Jahner-Byrne


The HOW Show™

Have you ever wondered HOW do you produce a PODCAST? HOW do you write a bestselling book? HOW do you really land a million dollar deal? HOW do you become a Tedx speaker? HOW does one go from racing cars to running a restaurant? HOW do you become a media darling? HOW do you best brand yourself and/or your business? The answers to these and a zillion other HOWs you may have (or may not have) thought of are answered by Kelly and her special The HOW Show guests.

Why listen you ask? Well, this podcast will provide you access to some really cool people that can explain their various HOWs to you. HOW they opened up a business, HOW they evolved despite difficult circumstances, HOW they leveraged their strengths, HOW they are living their best life…a proverbial WHO’s WHO of HOW.

Guests will share their insights, life stories and nuggets of HOW wisdom for a whole host of topics. The tone will be casual and conversational and each podcast will run about 30 minutes in length. Bring your notebook (old fashioned or your chosen media device) as you will want to jot down what you hear so you can put some know HOW into your own life and career.


The stage is a platform where ideas can be heard, connections made and inspiration blooms. We all have powers within us but they require our attention to flourish. As a Motivational Speaker, Kelly Jahner-Byrne has an amazing ability to recognize and help channel the inner potential in others providing them with an awareness and the permission to succeed.

Her experiences as a corporate leader, businesswoman, author and entrepreneur give her presentations depth and credibility and her winning combination of warmth, humor, originality and believability allow her messaging to resonate in a very real way.

Kelly has spoken for over a 100 organizations and companies including Cargill, American College of Physician Executives, American Cancer Society, NAACP, Susan G. Komen Foundation, Muscular Dystrophy Association, Keller Williams Realty and numerous law firms, Chamber of Commerce groups and major non-profit organizations over the past several years and thus has honed her craft to easily command a room.

Contact Kelly to learn more about how she can bring enormous insight and energy to your stage with her inspiring presentations.



Kelly has been featured in a multitude of press and media.

Average Girl Magazine
Catholic Spirit
Leadership in Action
Minnesota Monthly
St. Cloud Times
Woodbury Bulletin
Woodbury Magazine

“Kelly is a dynamic business woman who knows how to "shape you up" with her business savvy. She has high energy, gets high results and cares about the success of your business. I HIGHLY recommend her for keynote speaking engagements and business consulting.”

- Jena Rodriguez Brand
Business & Brave Strategist | Speaker | Podcast Host | Author at Brave Masters, Inc.


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