Taking a chance on something is hard! Change is hard! It sure has been tough on me. Perhaps I’m a creature of habit even though I say I LOVE adventure. I don’t always embrace change with a big bear hug. HOW can that be? I’m an entrepreneur, a visionary and a leader. Hmmm or am I? Here comes everyone’s worst enemy, doubt! When I think about making changes, I’m initially excited at the chance of something better happening in my life, health, business or attitude but then doubt shows up and reminds me the steps involved are daunting.

The New Year gives us access to both chance and change. A new month or week does as well and any new day works for that matter. Giving yourself permission to take a chance on something new will only allow more opportunity to come to you.  HOW can we embrace change without doubt showing up for the party and entering the mosh pit of fear that goes into taking a chance?

I assess the risk. Not like an attorney would assess risk, it’s not that clinical or such a process. I just look at the potential outcome or reward.  What will happen if I don’t take a chance? HOW will I feel? If I don’t take even a small risk where do I end up? I’ll always get what I’ve always got and we know that IS the definition of insanity. Fear and doubt are real emotions we encounter, but in my opinion we give them far to much power. We can add to their power over us by dwelling on them. Perhaps we can unplug them for a moment and visualize what taking a chance offers. Put a clear picture in your mind’s eye of the beauty and accomplishment the changes you make will bring to your life.

What we focus on has an amazing way of transpiring. Taking a chance on visualizing the good and positive things that lie ahead of you by making a change allow you to achieve victories. You will see HOW even small changes over time equate to goals achieved and visions that come to fruition.

When the fear of staying the same exceeds the fear of moving forward, you have made friends with change. Risk becomes a new partner and fear and doubt are no longer close friends. Take a chance on change and you will see HOW good it really is.