The whole point of entering a race is to win. In order to win, you have to be faster than everyone around you; you have to push harder and go farther. You have to dig deep and embrace your passion. When the obstacles come, you find new ways to overcome them and keep going. You have to because you want to win.

I believe everyone deserves a chance to win. Just because you have an opportunity does not mean you will win; it just means you have a chance. With the right preparation and a lot of determination, you can make it work for you. The trick is knowing HOW to train for the race to best prepare yourself.

If you are not sure HOW to race well, why don’t you ask for help? The best person to teach you HOW to win is a winner. Past winners have the experience and habits necessary to succeed in any race, and most want to teach you to win, too. A good coach can get you ready to race.

I love coaching other entrepreneurs. After decades of racing a million miles per hour, I know HOW to win the race. The journey to live at full speed started when I got a horse as a nine-year-old. I added a solo flight to my dossier in my early 20s, and then posted a runner-up Miss Minnesota USA finish to my file. Eventually, I got the crown as Mrs. Minnesota in 2001 and used the platform to speak in the wake of the September 11 terror attacks. I called off my wedding six weeks before the big day. A weekend of writing turned into one of my two published books. My adventures have spanned over 40 countries, and I married a man from another country.

From racing snowmobiles to climbing mountains, I love living fast. I jet ski, water ski, and snow ski; I surf and snowboard. My life has always been full speed, and I understand HOW to race well. Why does it matter? Now there is an opportunity to coach others, to make sure young entrepreneurs learn HOW to race to win.

It is no secret many people race with their foot to the floor. Without direction, what good is that speed? When someone is going 100 miles per hour in a dozen directions, their efforts just tear them apart. I want to help you focus that effort and get so much done while you are moving so quickly.

After 35 years living full speed, now I am learning to slow down just a little bit. Every so often, it is important to regroup and focus your direction on the next goal. Then, you can get back to full speed and attack your dreams with ferocity. My goal is to help you along the way because I want the HOW Gal to be about Helping Others Win. Our races can overlap, and I will help you train hard to win the race.