You have mad skills, right? You have value to offer the world, right? You know what you do but you don’t know HOW to communicate it best? HOW can that be as you’ve been doing this for years?

Questions to ask.  What is your brand? What is your brand’s identity?  When we are putting ourselves out there for the first time or reinventing ourselves for the second, fifth or tenth time, we sometimes confuse our audience because they don’t get us. They don’t know what we do or what has changed. We certainly do, HOW come they can’t figure it out? Didn’t they look at our website?

Yes, they did but sometimes the dots don’t connect. They don’t understand WHY you? If this is the case, then you haven’t clearly told them what makes you different in the marketplace than anyone else selling the same ware or offering a similar service. You just haven’t provided them with your distinct enough point of view to make them embrace a “gotta buy from you” mentality.

So, if that is the case, then I suggest that you consider rebranding. I love rebranding! It reminds me to practice what I preach. For those in coaching or consulting you may need to take a hard look at the program(s) you put out there and review them as if you were considering a purchase.  Would you buy from you? Are your website and program descriptions meaty and the takeaways unique enough that they can’t get them from anywhere but you? If you’re selling a widget that makes life better in some way, have you articulated the value and defined why your demographic should care?

If you want to know where your business value is go connect with your happy clients and find out why they buy from you. Get your “WHY” singled out and hire a branding expert to do so, they will help you dig deep and make sense of it all on your behalf.  You don’t want to tackle this and end up with a wavetop result. So invest in your biz, it will be money well spent as you want to make a big deal of the “BIG DEAL” you are. Pull out all the stats, compile the information and incorporate them into your branding. Every big name does this and you should too.

P.S. That picture you slapped on your website of yourself from ten years ago, with a different hair color and when you were 20 pounds lighter isn’t going to cut it when those who have worked with you refer clients to your website or new interested prospects check you out and then meet you in person. You don’t want new or existing clients to think you are cheap and unprofessional or worse yet…that you’re really not qualified, remember perception is reality. If you’re not driving repeat customers and you don’t feel fresh, it may be time to rebrand.


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