Every morning I get up and talk myself off the cliff. Not in a real sense but I have to practice some head-dialogue. I take a few minutes and get my brain focused on the right track so I can get going and accomplish the tasks necessary to continually grow my businesses. Self doubt, fear of failure, hope of success are all thoughts that meander through my head.   Does that sound familiar to you?

Each time you approach someone that you want to sell to, you have before you a choice. Love what you sell and HOW you sell it or change what you are doing (or selling). Yes, change is that icky word we all cringe at.  That word makes us uncomfortable just at its mere mention.

However, change doesn’t have to be so difficult and with the right tools it can actually be quite painless. If you can gain clarity around what you want for yourself and map out (yes on paper…say a business plan) you can in most cases find yourself accomplishing it.  It does take some heady work but if you don’t put some effort into whatever it is you are doing, the outcomes will be just as lackluster.

HOW you fall in love with selling what you are offering starts with your attitude and perception towards yourself.  After all, for most people perception is their reality. By changing how you perceive yourself you can change how you feel about yourself.  If you perceive yourself as being passionate and “all-in” about what you sell then more than likely you will indeed be a rockstar when it comes to the process of making the ask and getting a YES from a client/customer.

I’m a person that talks to myself out loud when I’m driving.   I do it without worry or second thought because experience has taught me that I more readily believe what I hear than what I read. Say what?   Now you may be scratching your head with that and rereading that sentence but think back to the days when you read lots of textbooks but didn’t retain much and compare that to when you actually heard someone say something and it stuck in your head.

That’s HOW I’m wired. I’m wired for sounds and experiences, the tone in a voice and the messaging that I hear. So one of the tools in my toolbox is to speak out loud and repeat the qualities that I bring to the table and the true value of my services. It’s our uniqueness that we should be wholly embracing and yet nine out of ten people I know struggle with this.  We all should be self-validating daily. That’s the secret sauce that makes me love what I do and focus on what I am versus what I’m not.


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