Having a business is more than just having an idea and a business card with your name on it. There is lots (and lots) of thinking and decision making involved, there are all the players and partners to connect with to help you make it shine and of course there is the sheer amount of time, effort and sweat equity that we pour into our endeavor(s).

The HOW Conference is place to come together to collaborate with other bright minds who are willing to share in their HOW. No one should try to run a business without having a place they can turn to, lean in with and know that others have their back.  As humans, we all need validation, guidance and inspiration.

The HOW Conference is not about sales pitches from the stage that include a knife set or a half baked 3 point proposition.  Our presenters open up and honestly share their struggles and successes so that you can learn HOW they accomplished what they have in their respective industries and HOW you can too.  They have earned their stripes because of both their wins and losses.

Ready to learn your HOW?  Invest a day in yourself to network, develop, build, innovate…bring your widget to life or re-invigorate what you already have in the works.  Learn HOW to get your business cooking, listen to some know-HOW on how to step outside of your preferred lane and make transitions when necessary, listen to the HOW-to of planning, implementing, and adjusting business strategies as your business grows, hear HOW to create a unique brand and identity in the marketplace, receive advice on HOW to avoid costly legal mistakes,take notes on HOW  to create a strategy, budget, and business plan and feel inspired with a dose of HOW to go from a “dreamer” to a “doer” and get her DONE!

There’s no limit to what YOU can do.  Are you ready to learn HOW?  

The HOW Conference is built on 3 core principles. We call them our three I’s.


HOW?  We Inspire by enthusiastically encouraging you to grow beyond where you currently find yourself and map out a plan for your life’s next chapter.


HOW?  We Ignite and spark your passion providing you with incentive that propels you forward and gets you to fully embrace the mantra that nothing is impossible and thus “I’m possible”.


HOW?  We Infuse you with knowledge, resources, positive energy and the support you need to get really clear and connected.

“Kelly Jahner-Byrne is a #1 Player to have on your team. She was the Emcee for our inaugural Retail Therapy event and had our group laughing, singing and having a blast! Her expertise in pre-sales and connections in business helped make our first event a success”.

Stacy Drake
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