The “6-Figure Business Accelerator” Program

Isn’t It Time You Stopped Playing Small And Finally Showed The World What You’re REALLY MADE OF?

Let’s Unlock Your TRUE Potential So You Can Quickly Build A Thriving Six-Figure Business…

Without Sacrificing Your Whole Life In The Process!

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Kelly’s ability to bring out my inner confidence, coupled with her style and zest for life offered me a totally new way of thinking.

Her resources and coaching have enabled me to be the best I can ever be. Everything I have learned I can use today, tomorrow and, in the future. If you want the high velocity edge to be successful, this is for you!”

Jessica Dereschuk

Miss Minnesota USA 2004 CEO / JD Style Group / Reality TV show contestant, Tommy Hilfiger’s, The Cut

Here’s What Successful Candidates Will Get:


You’ll be joining the ranks of a very select group of women and gain full access to Kelly’s exclusive INNER CIRCLE program.

Inside, you’ll have the opportunity to interact with Kelly directly and all the other 6-7 figure peers on the same path, so you can learn directly from their successes and challenges, and then simply apply their insights into your own life & business!


  • 3-months complete access to KJB’s cutting edge coaching program designed exclusively for ambitious business women like you, so that you get all the step by step support you need including ALL of her business resources to take your business to the next level.
  • Weekly intimate Coaching sessions – Interact LIVE every single week with Kelly & other successful business professionals who are ready to level up with you and help you grow your business. You’ll be able to ask questions and get answers directly on the call so you know exactly what to do when you leave. No more guesswork, no more procrastinating… just clear guidance to go execute & FINALLY WIN BIG!!
  • “Weekly Prestige Hot Seat” – Every week, you’ll have the opportunity to take one of these hot seats that are used by Fortune 500 companies where Kelly will take a deep dive into your business, giving you a completely personalized action plan exclusively for you. This has played a major role in ALL of her clients’ success that will save you months of time & energy. This way after every hot seat, you have an ultra clear action plan that keeps you focused on the most critical steps to drive your business forward.
  • “7- Figure Intro Sessions” – The many privileges of membership allow you to rub elbows with other like-minded business women. You can expand your network, foster long lasting friendships and build strategic alliances that can last a lifetime, making you and your business the most talked about in your niche.

“I’ve witnessed women spend months, even years, chasing the success they deserve… All of my successful clients just needed a little support and direction so they were able to hit MASSIVE goals they never thought possible after working through this program.” – Kelly

 “Kelly Jahner-Byrne is dynamic and remarkable in her ability to quickly draw out what your business needs most and how to get there.

She provides immediate, proven examples and actionable guidance that can take your business to a whole new level and realize the results you are seeking.

Kelly Jahner-Byrne cuts through the unnecessary fluff and gets right to the heart of the issue with results-driven options to up-level your business and create streams of income and position your brand in ways you haven’t considered.”

Elizabeth Ribons

Founder & Principal, NEXT Career & Life / Executive Committee Member, American Society of Interior Designers

I’ve Heard Enough… But Have Some Questions

Next, You Get:


Master your inner & outer game with this treasure chest of powerful confidence boosting assets that will help you cultivate EXTREME Self Assurance from within on demand!

You can use this extensive toolbox to your advantage for any situation in life and business. People will be asking you “what have you taken?!” as you will be seen as a complete force of nature among your peers!

The Vault Includes Unlimited Access To:

  • The “Immediate Impression” Intro Templates – Say goodbye to uneasy and awkward introductions with my tried and tested introduction templates. When you simply follow the words my previous clients have used in these templates, you’ll make an impression so strong and confident that people will literally be begging you for your contact details!
  • Virtual Communication Mastery Templates – Never get ignored again when you take your electronic introductions & communications to the next level with my sophisticated email, text & messenger templates. These are specifically written using the latest in NLP & Master level psychology that will help you stand out like a PURPLE COW in a field of white sheep! You’ll know exactly what to say and how to say it to get the results you want!
  • My 3 Step Networking Magnet – Become an absolute networking MASTER when you implement this 21st Century Networking tool. Easily communicate with speed, clarity and efficiency so you don’t bore people and are pretty much guaranteed to get people flocking to you!
  • The “15 Sec Power Intro” – This little unknown NLP technique gives you immediate influence & trust with anyone you meet and enables you to confidently introduce yourself, so that people never forget and will always remember you without any outdated cheesy or cringe-worthy elevator pitch.
  • How To Influence & Work The Room At A Networking Event The Moment You Step In – Whether you’re at a chamber of commerce, a conference,  business event or even a trade show, this easy to follow blueprint takes you through:
    • How to instantly spot THE BEST & most connected people in the room and make your approach so you don’t waste any time on low priority people.
    • Know EXACTLY what to say & and what to do when you make initial contact so you make a long & lasting impression.
    • How to listen to your intuition and use it to your advantage when in conversation. (most people don’t know how to do this)
  • My “Avengers” Preparation Tool – Ever wish you could walk into an event and have people gravitate towards you because you’re oozing confidence? Well, I’ll give you the exact “ritual” I personally use to get into a “PEAK STATE” and quickly transform yourself into an absolute superhero. This way you can walk into ANY event or room and people will “just know” that they need to be around you with how you carry yourself. Just be prepared to fight people off gaining your attention to speak with you!

This sounds perfect for me, I’M IN!

You Also Get Access To:


Inside, you’ll learn how to smoothly handle everything from the moment a new prospect reaches out to you, to the moment they give you their credit card details at the end of the call!

Confidently enroll 2-10 Times More Clients With Zero Pressure Selling or Cheesy Closing Tactics.

These selling secrets have been tested and refined over the last 10 years in the field. When you follow them closely your confidence in the “close” will be effortless.

The Selling Framework Includes:

  • My Instant Connection Method – A complete walkthrough of the exact process I teach my clients to Skyrocket their contacts in just 24 hours by up to 10 times!! Having these tried and tested templates of communication in your toolkit, you’ll enter any conversation or situation with confidence knowing exactly what to say, what to look for, and how to take control of the conversation to get the contact info.
  • Your Very Own Super Sales Script – I’m also going to give you access to my exact sales script that I’ve personally used to close over 7 figures in sales! This script is designed to avoid “salesy” and, is perfectly suited for business women looking to close high ticket deals. The script will walk you through each crucial phase of a sales conversation giving you the absolute best chance of closing them as a new client! Just Read It!
  • My Instant Referral Formula – Double your sales in an instant when you follow this simple formula after you close a deal. Imagine turning every sale into 2 sales on each call you take (it’s not their job to send you people – so it’s up to you to teach them how to send people to you in droves)
  • Messenger Selling Texts – I’m even handing over my “Messenger Selling Texts”. Inside you’ll find start-to-finish messenger conversations that can help you set up strategy sessions with hot prospects. Because sometimes you just get people primed and pre-framed before a sales call. These examples will equip you to handle a wide range of scenarios that will inevitably show up.


“Kelly Jahner-Byrne is a force to be reckoned with. She has great influence where it counts and has a powerful presence that is infectious. Her coaching style gets results and she is just an amazing person to have in your corner. Because of her connections, I had over $30,000 in closed referral business!”

Kelly Lucente

CEO & Founder RETool Marketing

Wait…There’s More!

The Ultimate Zoom Room Toolkit (VALUE – $2000)

Let’s face it… Everyone uses ZOOM!

So, do you ever wish you could optimize and capitalize on every single zoom call you take moving forward?

Inside, you’ll learn how to turn your zoom room into not only a professional meeting place, but a powerhouse of effectiveness, productivity and, creativity where you’ll even learn how to make sales in the chat!


  • A thorough step by step breakdown of how you must conduct your zoom calls with 1-1 clients & prospects so you get the most out of your time and give them a red carpet experience so they buy, or keep buying from you!


  • A streamlined action plan template for “Maximizing” your zoom room. Use these simple methods to virtually “work the room” so you can make great connections, increase your sales and be positioned as the go to authority in your area of expertise.


  • The exact BUSINESS TOOLS that I use to fill my calendar with smoking hot qualified prospects! Some of these I don’t even pay for and you won’t have to either!


  • Kelly will show you exactly what you need to start turbo charging your calendar appointments.

This is Amazing! I Want In!


If You Join Today…

You’ll Also Receive These Fast Action Bonuses for FREE! (WORTH – $5000)


With this exclusive podcast bundle, you’ll be able to go from zero to fully fledged podcast host of your very own show in a
matter of days!

This way you can spread your message far and wide for maximum impact & reach.

This Includes:

“How To Launch & Successfully Run Your Own Podcast” A step by step guide on exactly what to do to get your podcast created, launched and running in a few easy steps.

“How To Quickly Turn Your Podcast Into A Book & Sell It” The exact process to quickly turn your podcast into a book to maximize your reach across the country.

“How To Grow your Podcast Audience” a beginners guide to help increase listenership and build a loyal following online. PLUS how to quickly get it on Spotify & iTunes!

“The Ultimate Podcast equipment guide” – a comprehensive overview of the gear and technology you need to create professional-quality recordings.

“How To Monetize your podcast” A step-by-step guide” – tips and strategies for earning money from your podcast, including sponsorships, advertising, and merchandise sales.

“How To Turn Your Podcast into a Successful Brand” – tips and advice on how to turn your podcast into a fully-fledged brand, including developing a unique visual identity and establishing a strong online presence.

“Promoting Your Podcast For Maximum Impact” – a guide to effective marketing and promotion strategies for your podcast, including social media, email marketing, and cross-promotion with other podcasts.



Anyone who is new to starting a business knows how overwhelming it can be!

Ideas are everywhere, not sure what to take action on or where to even begin… It can paralyze you if you don’t know what to do!
Not anymore when you use my New Starter Business Kit


“How To Create A Successful Business Plan That Will 100% Work” – a step-by-step guide to crafting a comprehensive plan for starting and growing a business that is pretty much guaranteed to work in today’s market.

“How To Turn Your BIG Idea Into A Reality With My Proven Roadmap” – Have me hold you by the hand guiding you on the path to transform your current idea into a fully fledged business plan and tangible business! Even if you’re brand new and haven’t started yet!

“Networking For Success Masterclass” A complete step by step guide for new business owners – tips and strategies for building meaningful business relationships, including attending events, joining professional organizations, and leveraging social media to make strong connections.


Yes! There’s More…

✅ 1 x VIP Experience to My Live Conference – (VALUE $297)

VIP Experience Includes:

  • Skip The Que & Get Early Access To Conference To Sit At The Front Row
  • Full Swag Bag of goodies upon entry!
  • Get the edge with an exclusive “Behind The Curtain” Networking Breakfast with other VIP ticket holders so you can network and build your contact list before the seminar even begins!
  • Potential Stage Time – You may have the opportunity to get on stage with other business women to speak and share with the audience your business. You could drum up potential clients from a room full of people! We will even give you a script that you can use to make sure you say the right thing to increase your odds of landing a client. PLUS, we will record a video for you so
    you can use that “moment on stage” in your own marketing when you leave the event.
  • Full Day Access All Areas Pass – This pass will grant you “access all areas” to the sponsors, speakers, the breakfast, the networking lunch and any after event get togethers meaning you can go about the day roaming like a pop star!


YES! Kelly will personally introduce you to her network of highly connected people. This powerful, personalized introduction to her network of high-level contacts could help you secure a 6- or even a 7-figure opportunity!

She’ll take the time to carefully assess your business, then personally message one of my close business connections that I believe would be an invaluable introduction for you.

Her clients have leveraged these introductions to build close relationships with potential business partners and new clients, helping them maximize their success and bolster their bottom line!

I've heard Enough, I'm In!

“After 13 years of growing my successful company, I hit a brick wall at 80 miles an hour.

While I reserve strong statements like “life changing” for things that have to do with my family, I would say my experience with Kelly was definitely life-changing within my career.

Kelly stands out light years from her peers, because KJB helps you turn those amazing ideas into ACTION. She inundated me with so many revenue streams, I either hadn’t considered seriously, or didn’t think I had bandwidth to produce. She produced real life (and vetted) people with the skills I needed to attack the streams we flushed out.

Her total service is completely unique and brilliant. She gives you the tools to make it happen! 

Allison Olson

Chief Sales Officer / Co-founder, DropCap Inc.

How Many Times Have You Said To Yourself & Others…

This Is My Year!

Only To Keep Repeating The Same Thing Day In & Day Out With No Results?



If you were to invest separately for all of this knowledge, expertise, contacts and resources, you would be looking at a HUGE INVESTMENT!!!




However, For ONLY FIVE Lucky & Privileged Women

Who Want To Take Their Business To 6 Figures & Beyond With Me Holding You By The Hand EVERY Step Of The Way…

You NOW have the Opportunity Join The Ranks Of Successful Women Who Will Raise Each Other Up On The Journey To The Top…



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