A Few More Organizations Kelly Has Presented To

In order to grow, you need to learn HOW to CASH in.

Kelly’s signature method of helping you grow and move beyond your fears, insecurity or limited knowledge to Confidence, Accountability and Sales. Kelly gives your audience a tool chest of HELP for your skillset.

On your network – want more leads? Give more leads. HOW do you open up business professionals, entrepreneurs or your franchise organization to be the best walking advertisement? You teach them to network with intention, patience and enthusiasm.

For your volunteers – great for a non profit that wants to engage their very best volunteers, empower them to grow and think outside of the box.

“Volunteering is an important path to personal growth, but there is a scarcity of ‘maps’ to lead us down that path. Kelly Jahner-Byrne has written out a map for us all to follow, one based on her many years of practical experience.”

– Marilyn Carlson Nelson
Chairman and CEO, Carlson Companies


Kelly’s voice is her instrument.

She is regularly asked to emcee for industry conferences, association meetings and charitable fundraisers and events.

She has an expressive and yet polished and well-modulated presence on stage.

Her ability to effortlessly get a crowd up on their feet or engaged and connected is part of her innate gift.

Contact Kelly to have her “raise her voice” and fulfill your organization’s next emcee need.

She would LOVE to be an extension of your brand for the day.

Just a Few Organizations Kelly Has Presented To


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